With so many private clients and healthcare establishments on our books, we are fortunate to be able to offer our Healthcare Assistants a variety of placements to suit your skills and work preferences.

Our Healthcare Assistants love the variety and flexibility of our roles, which we can offer due to the large variety of clients that we work with.

Private Homecare Placements

Many of our clients are cared for within their own homes and each and every one of these clients have different care needs and different personalities.

Some of our homecare clients have very complex care needs and these packages of care are often delivered by highly skilled healthcare assistants as well as a registered nurse. These placements give our healthcare assistants the opportunity to diversify their skills and build on their experience in more complex conditions. For these packages we provide our healthcare assistants with full client specific training, which is obviously free of charge.

In addition to our more complex care packages, we also provide care to our homecare clients on a more social basis; popping in to support them with their personal care or taking them out shopping or even sitting through the night in case they need support if they wake.

Our private homecare placements are an excellent opportunity for our healthcare assistants to learn new skills and provide one to one care to our clients in a more intimate environment. A lot of our healthcare assistants enjoy the rapport they are able to build with the clients on these packages and the difference they can make to their lives.

Establishment Placements

In addition to the care we provide directly into our client’s own homes, we also work with a large number of healthcare establishments throughout the UK including nursing and care homes, NHS and private hospitals and learning disability units.

Our establishment placements are usually delivered in shifts including days, nights, early and late, so if you are looking to top-up your existing income with additional shifts around your current commitments, we are able to offer flexible work placements based on your weekly availability.

If you are interested in our establishment placements, please contact your local branch.

Free Training

We offer all of our Healthcare Assistants free training performed both face-to-face and through our E-Learning portal.