We have a team that helps with short breaks and support when needed. This support usually involves support with personal care, and activities within the residence of the young person, or out in the community. This need can be met using wide-ranging services available locally, such as youth clubs, sensory room, cinemas, parks, leisure centers, etc. Places to visit will be dependent on the needs and likes of the young person.

Our short breaks team will also support (where necessary) with personal care up to going out in the community. After the initial care plan has been designed, the team will among other things proceed to monitor things like favorite meals and drinks whether you prefer a bath or shower, etc. in other to continue to meet the required needs.

In other to achieve this, an assessment of the young person will be carried out, and then develop a care plan which will be used as a guide to support the young person as we understand that different children with different needs. After which the care plan will be reviewed periodically as the support progresses.

How we provide the support:

Assessment: Following the receipt of a referral, and to commence the process of support, an initial assessment will be undertaken. The assessment is done face-to-face with both the parent of the young person and the young person. At this meeting, we introduce ourselves while meeting with the family of the young person.

Community professionals might also be invited and advise on changes that need to happen in the community if needed.

Shadowing /Transitioning

Where necessary, support staff might need to commence by way of shadowing during the transitioning period before full support commences. There is a situation where the transition is from one organization to another, our staff while working with the staff of transitioning organization work together mostly for a few hours (1-2hours) as this usually helps with the support of the young person.

Working with Family:

We work closely with the young person and their family to understand the required needs. We do this by implementing strategies that have been used and successful in the past while also introducing new strategies that will help achieve the desired outcome which will be identified during the assessment.   

Community Support:

We provide community support where the assigned worker helps the young person access community safety. In other to achieve this, questions will be asked about the kind of activities the young person will like to partake in and places of interest where the young person might like to visit for their activities. Young person’s strengths and interests will also be considered in other to achieve their goals as it relates to their whole life.


Where necessary and as part of our assessment, there might be a need for us to undertake an assessment of what the young person eats and drink, to ensure that they are getting a well-balanced diet. There might also be recommendation about positive changes that could be made to the meal to make sure the young person are healthy.

Social Workers & Professionals:

In other to give the best, we work with social workers and professionals to ensure that the situation at home or in the community is sufficient to keep the young person happy, healthy, and safe.